The Anatomy of a hotel business blog

Company blogs serve as a base to connect with the customers and build rapport with them. However, writing a blog isn’t as simple as it appears to be.  A simple error can affect your brand image and pull away from the traffic from your blog. Here’s the anatomy of a perfect blog for your hotel business:


1.Title of your blog

A headline or a title is the one that pulls the visitors towards the content of your blog. Curate a title that can arouse the curiosity amongst the readers.  As per the SEO rules, your title should be within 70 characters, along with the primary keyword in it. 


  1. Introduce your blog:

Once the visitors have landed on your blog, your next task would be to make them scroll your blog till the end. Introduce your topic in a storytelling format or with a quote, an anecdote, or a personal experience. You must be able to connect with the readers through the introduction. This will force the users to read your entire blog.


  1. Add Pointers to your blog:

Lengthy paragraphs are a strict NO these days. Readers wouldn’t want to get a feel of reading a textbook. Rather divide your blog into short paragraphs and then add pointers to it. Add sub-headings to each paragraph and ensure that all paragraphs are interconnected. Bold and highlight the relevant points. 


  1. Add Visual effects:

It’s found out that human brains absorb images six times faster than texts. Images must be relevant to the content. Always prefer high-quality images. Add an image for every 300 words. Assign ALT Tag to every image to help google to crawl your images. If your image contains a watermark, use tools to remove it or add a source to your images.


  1. Add Call-To-Action:

Use Call-to-Action (CTA) to urge the readers to take some action post reading your blog. It could be to subscribe to your blog, purchase your product, download your e-book, share feedback, and so on.  Place your CTA at the sidebar or at the footer.


  1. Add Share buttons:

If you want your blogs to reach a larger number of people or be viral, don’t forget to add the share button. This will allow the visitors to share your blog on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and other such social media platforms. 

Once you have written your blog post, the next step is to proofread it. Make sure it is grammatically error-free, and there are no lengthy sentences. Avoid passive sentences too.

Readers prefer interesting and informative posts. Give them what they want, and they would soon be your regular readers. Have tips to write a perfect blog for the hotel business? Add in the comment section below:

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