#SOURCING Three hacks to improve the ratio of job applications vs job views

COVID - 19 has impacted almost every business, for better or worse. Food service industry has taken the wrath from all sides. Policy, customers, supply chains, and now tight labor market. With many industries trying to attract the hospitality workers, the food service companies need to take a hard look at their sourcing and hiring practices.  Below are the top three mistakes employers need to avoid to convert the job ad views into job applications. 


  1. Structure your job ad: The prospective job seeker is interested in your job ad and clicked on it. So, the job seeker is halfway there. The next thing the job seeker will be looking at is the job duties, then perks that come with them. Once the job seeker understands about the position, then they will proceed to understand about your organization. So, keep the company description and culture to the later part in the job ad.


  1. Remove entry barriers for application submission: Once the job seeker is interested, they will try to apply for the job. Some employers, want the job seeker to fill their application. Over the last couple of years, mobile web browsing is catching up a lot. Even at web traffic, we see more people trying to view and apply on mobile devices than on desktop. Typical users can only type around 38 words per min on mobile screen vs 52 words per min on standard keyboard. And mobile devices are not as flexible and forgiving as a personal computer. So, try to optimize the job application screen so that job seeker can be able to apply quickly. This can be achieved by redesigning the application on focusing on understanding job seeker with few details and gathering rest of the details once the interview is scheduled or after the interview. 


  1. Respond to job seeker application: even when you don’t find applicants not fit for the job, most ATS and job boards have application management tools that send response back to job seeker. Please use those so that job seekers will have an answer and move on to find new opportunities. This response also leaves some brownie points in job seekers mind that the employer is responsive employer. 


Even though all these seem like a no brainier, we have been seeing these mistakes repeatedly in job ads. In a tight labor market, a company need to sell itself to the job seekers to attract the top candidates so that they have choice to hire right fit to the team to serve the customers and increase bottom lines. Please do consider as one of your sourcing channels as we offer flat rate monthly subscription service which fits with your budget needs and source of great talent. Happy Hiring.


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