#HIRING Staffup for Holiday season - 2021

The holiday hiring is back with a roar for job seekers. Some of the big names are advertising with below perks:

Amazon - 125,000 open positions for holidays - $3000 sign-on bonus - $18/hr to $22.50/hr wage

Target - 100,000 open positions - $15/hr

UPS - 100,000 open positions - $15/hr

USPS - 40,000 seasonal open positions

Kohl's - 90,000 seasonal worker positions - $300 sign-on bonus

Macy's - 76,000 full and part time workers at stores, call centers and warehouses

Walmart - 150,000 holiday workers. Walmart already offers 100% college tuition and books through Live Better U for its fulltime employees.


COVID-19 and its variants have thrown everything into chaos. It hit all the sectors Hospitality and Food Service sector was hit really hard. According to National Restaurant Association Mid year update of State of the Restaurant Industry report, 3 out of 4 restaurant operators cite hiring and retaining employees has been their biggest challenge. In fact, NRA survey, Q2 0f 2021 has been challenging for restaurants to hire talent and it only became hard in Q3 2021. Now that holiday season kicking in, big companies are dolling out perks that can attract the talent away from the Food service industry. In these difficult times, businesses need to take a look at their hiring practice and update their job ads. some of the things to consider are:


Humanize the job ads: Small businesses many not compete with the big businesses in terms of pay. But they can always project the organization culture as agile and close-knit community. Try to Humanize the job ad to appeal to the Gen Z who look for sense of purpose and belonging. Highlight the cultural component of your organization.


Flexibility is no longer a perk. Its an expectation: With School buses being the latest victim of COVID-19 delta variant, many parents are struggling to manage childcare. If your business can offer flexibility, highlight that in the company culture as job seekers are expecting flexibility. For example, someone in school want flexibility around their exam schedules, parents want flexibility to take care of their kids. Get feedback from your team to design what is best for your business and yet offer flexibility to the job seekers.


Speedup hiring process: Since the current job market is driven by Job seekers, employers need to sell to the prospective employees. With tight job market, many other employers are competing for same talent pool.  In order to keep the job seeker engaged, remove the hurdles in the hiring process. Respond to job seeker withing 24hrs and schedule the job interview. Redesign the job applications. Try to use technology to get all the details from the employee resume rather than forcing them to retype everything into your company format. And most importantly, keep in touch with the employee till the onboarding is complete.


According to NRA, the sales of food service establishments are almost on par with 2019 sales. Most of the chain restaurant chains are still struggling to find the talent and control inventory and labor costs. With other industries joining the mix for same talent pool, Hospitality service establishments have to bring their A game for hiring and retaining the talent. offers a subscription service of $9.99 per month for unlimited jobs posting and full resume access. Being a niche job board specializing in Hospitality industry, add us to your sourcing list as we deliver the right candidates for your job ads.