Exceptional Clinical Massage Therapists

  • Psoas Massage + Bodywork
  • San Francisco, CA, USA
  • May 04, 2019
Full time

Job Description

Exceptional Clinical Massage Therapists

Compensation: Highly Competitive, Negotiable

We're PSOAS Massage + Bodywork. And we're looking for the highest-level specialists to join our clinical team.

You should apply if…

You want to work at the premier massage clinic in the city, a place that's all about sports massage, A.R.T., N.K.T, and SFMA.

You're not a fresh-out-of-school therapist, but a top clinician and teacher in your field.

You're interested in sprains, strains, rehabilitation and maintenance - not just about relaxation.

You're more interested in the puzzle than the answer and feel confident not knowing.

You know how to stretch every muscle in the body and believe there's always more to learn.

You know that 50% of what makes a great therapist is attitude, and you appreciate feedback.

Because at Psoas…

We create personalized treatment programs like no other.

We listen deeply and are always looking to do better for our clients and team members.

We want our therapists to make a living wage and to find their work fair, fun and rewarding.

We are a busy place, where the highest-level clinicians find their schedules filled.

We provide continuous education for our clinical team on the latest techniques, and ongoing training to help our front desk staff match each client with the therapist that's right for them.

We create professional development programs to further your skills, serve your clients more fully, and collaborate with highly-educated colleagues.

We want our clients to get the most possible benefit from this work. So we offer resources like our extensive video library -- -- a tool you can use to help clients stretch between sessions and optimize your bodywork.


  1. 700 hours of base massage education
  2. Over two years of professional experience
  3. Minimum 30-50 hours of additional specialized CEU's
  4. CAMTC certificate

If this speaks to you and you are available for at least 4 shifts (4-5 sessions per shift, 1 mandatory weekend day); please respond with the following:

  1. A Cover Letter (in the body of the email)
  2. A Resume (as an attachment)
  3. Employer References

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We're Psoas Massage + Bodywork.

And we create personalized treatment programs like no other.

More sports massage, A.R.T., deep tissue and myofascial. Less Swedish.

More sprains, strains, pulls, rehabilitation, and maintenance. Not just relaxation.

So talk to us. Our intake specialists are here to listen.

Tell us where it hurts, what pressure you prefer, and when you'd like to be in prime marathoning-swimming-dancing-climbing-traveling-balling-paddling-cycling-popping-locking-boarding-birthing-typing-gardening-downward dogging shape. We're up to the task.

Because we're not a spa.

We're a massage clinic.