Barista Wanted

  • Niche Cafes Mobil Truck
  • Los Angeles, CA, USA
  • Jun 19, 2019
Full time Barista

Job Description

Hi there! We are Niche Cafes Mobil Truck and we are looking for a barista with prior experience who is willing to work all day shifts. An ideal candidate would be someone who is able to connect with the community and communicate with people effectively and genuinely. Here at Niche our mission is with every love infused interaction we hope you are inspired to be present and flow with divine light. Our new team member shall naturally be able to relate to our mission statement and bring it to life at all times. A person who has high energy, takes initiative and is a quick learner is crucial. It's necessary for our barista to be able to work under pressure, as a mobile coffee truck we run into a lot of unforeseen stressful situations and they need to be handled with grace. A grounded person is a must. If you are able to drive a truck with a trailer you will be preferred. Thank you for the interest! Please send a resume include your IG link or Facebook link and give us a text to let us know it's sent! Cheers!

We specialize in handcrafted beverages featuring locally roasted coffee, top of the line ingredients, while providing an unforgettable experience.

With every love infused interaction, we hope you are inspired to be present and choose to flow with divine light.

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