Guide on how to maintain social media during COVID-19

There is a growing and massive Coronavirus pandemic and people are spending more and more time on technology, social media, and trying to be connected. This is the time when you can show your customers the gesture of oneness and simultaneously remind them of your presence. Use social media to connect with the public and interact with them in the time of need. Use platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and many other platforms to let the audience escape their view from the happening disaster for at least some time.

Follow some of the tips mentioned below so that you can be on the positive and right side of the social posting during the pandemic.

  1. Review the messages:

There might be automated messages or news you have been sending to your regular customers or subscribers. But, keeping in mind the current situation the generic and casual postings displaying your creativity might not go well with few. So, it is always better to live in the moment and accordingly do your act. For example in the current state, coronavirus has caused a lot of chaos across the globe for many families and industries too – try addressing this situation through the mailers or platforms you have chosen to reach the audience. If you try to avoid and not address the current situation in your platforms, then it would not pass on a good message to the audience and there could be chances of distancing themselves from your business.


  1. Let the brand speak:

Being there in the time of crisis with your customers and your audience not only makes them realize that you are standing for your brand values. This in a way does some passive advertising of your brand. Ensure that your brand presence on a social platform is all about being there for the customers and the social community. This move speaks volumes about your brand value. And, if your brand is not as badly hit as others, then it is good to participate in some altruism.


  1. Keep the topics to generic:

Social media is an open platform. It is accessible by anyone and everyone with lesser restrictions. There is so much information flowing across the different platforms that none can differentiate between reality and fake news. These at times cause could be detrimental to the public. One requires enough research and reliable sources to share information as delicate as the situation. Causing panic through social media and your brand forwarding, the same does not put you in a good place. So, try to avoid postings of that sort or get your sources right and share the right information with the audience.


  1. Understand the perspective

Not many brands would like to pool in some revenue/capitalize during this crisis. But, how you position and present yourself during this period will not only influence your business but your brand also in a longer duration. The pandemic period is affecting many businesses, while you try to keep yourself in the market by keeping in constant contact with your customers through a different medium, ensure that there are humane activities that you participate in which would increase the trust of your followers.


  1. Be visible

As COVID-19 affected every corner of the world, the major concern of individuals is how to contain it and fight it than in raising their business. With the ongoing concerns of social distancing and new rules coming in, the businesses have now turned to social media for keeping their presence alive. When it comes to the hotel industry, instead of walking away from the media platforms it is good to take the leap and be available for your customers and audience. You can be thereby for them posting on varied topics keeping them engaged and entertained. You may also share the updates of the current scenario only if the facts are checked. In this way, you will be bonding better with the audience and your brand will garner more customers.


These mindful and necessary steps by the hotel industry if taken at this moment, it would not only cement the relations better but also keep your brand presence alive.

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