Prep Cook 506 Ruston LA - 931 N. Service Rd. E.

  • Logan's Roadhouse
  • Ruston, LA 71270, USA
  • Jan 12, 2019
Chefs, Cooks, Food Preparation Workers

Job Description

This position is responsible for the timely preparation and exhibition assembly of a fresh quality product. A clean and organized work area is a must as you are in full view of the guest.

* Prepare, to order, all food items following standard recipes and procedures within specified time limits (8-10 minutes at lunch; 10-12 minutes at dinner).
* Prep assigned items.
* Bake and microwave raw and prepared foods.
* Measure and assemble ingredients and cook items according to recipes and menu specifications.
* Maintain cooking line in a clean, sanitary and safe manner.
* Uniforms and aprons should always be "showplace clean".
* Stock/restock items on line according to specifications.
* Wash and clean raw food products.
* Peeling, dicing, shredding and slicing food products using manual and electric equipment.
* Assist in an entire team effort.
* Maintain personal health and sanitation standards (wash hands when using restroom, etc.).
o Count all prepped items used in salad area checking for quality and proper rotation.
o Back of house manager will take finished prep count and decide that day's prep. Do not prep over par given by manager. (See Prep list for pars.) Second count done after lunch, peak volume.
o Complete prep as per recipes.
o All salad mix is prepped a minimum of twice daily or once each shift.
o When prep is finished, label, date, rotate, and store all items properly; return bulk items to walk-in cooler as you are prepping to ensure items are kept out of the temperature danger zone. Prepped items should be stores for easy access. (Be sure to rotate old items to the front.).
o Each prepped item should be labeled with the following information:
Item inside container
Day dot for the day prepped
Date item prepared
Initials of person who prepped
* Other duties as directed.

* Walks and stands during entire shift.
* Frequently reaches, bends, stoops, lifts, shakes, stirs, pours, carries and pushes.
* Lifts and carries tubs and cases, weighing up to 75 lbs.
* Essential hand/eye coordination.
* Frequent exposure to smoke, steam, high temperatures, humidity, extreme cold.
* Speaks and hears conversations with expediter/servers.
* Reads orders on tickets.
* Substantial repetitive motions of the wrists, hands and fingers.
* Hazards may include, but are not limited to, cuts from knives, slipping, tripping, falls and burns.
* Frequent contact/immersion of hands in water, sanitation solutions, meat products, poultry products, seafood and produce items.
* Frequent washing of hands.

* Special Skills or knowledge necessary for this position:
o Basic communication skills (Speaks and hears conversations with expediter/servers. Interacts verbally with patrons.)
o Basic reading skills (reads orders on tickets).
o Organizational skills.
o Multi-task oriented.
o Knowledge of workplace safety procedures.